Map & Directions

Pennsylvania is abundantly rich in winter sports resorts, many of them 50 miles or less from home. And every dollar saved in wildly gyrating fuel costs is a dollar that we have to use having fun on the slopes.  Finding the closest resorts and still keeping variety in our skiing lives takes a little simple planning. Here’s how:

Get the Pennsylvania Transportation map, available free at most state legislative and PENNDOT offices.  Using the Pennsylvania Ski Areas Association’s locator at, pinpoint the resorts closest to home. Then simply draw 50, 100 and 150-mile circles on your map.

Driving a car that gets 25 miles to the gallon, a ski jaunt to an area within the 50 mile circle, burns less than 4 gallons round trip.

Pittsburgh Area
For skiers living in the Pittsburgh area, the 50-mile circle puts you in easy round trip range of Seven Springs, Mystic Mountain at Nemacolin Woodlands, Hidden Valley and nearby Willowbrook.

Philadeplphia Area
From the Philadelphia area, that same 4 gallons will get you to Bear Creek and Blue Mountain, then home again.

Harrisburg Area
From Harrisburg, skiers and riders are in economical range of Ski Roundtop and Liberty Mountain.

The 100-mile circle opens up even greater opportunities for skiing, riding and tubing without ever having to leave Pennsylvania.



1. Alpine Mountain, Analomink |

12. Liberty Mountain, Carroll Valley |
2. Bear Creek Ski Resort, Macungie |

13. Nemacolin Woodlands at Mystic Mountain, Farmington |
3. Big Boulder, Blakeslee |

14. Roundtop Mountain Resort, Lewisberry |
4. Blue Knob Ski Area, Claysburg |

16. Shawnee Mountain, Shawnee-on-Delaware |
6. Camelback, Tannersville |

7. Crystal Lake, Hughesville |

18. Ski Denton, Coudersport |
8. Eagle Rock Resort, Hazleton |

19. Ski Sawmill Family Resort, Morris |

20. Snö Mountain, Scranton |

11. Jack Frost Mountain, Blakeslee |