2017-18 Winter Season


There’s something for everyone this winter at PA Ski Resorts! That means it’s a great time to find affordable deals and programs tailored just for beginners. Newcomers can also win great prizes and fame in social media by sharing a photo of their first day on the slopes with the hashtag #firstdayfaces or #skipa. Stay in the know by becoming a VIP Ski Member on this website which is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Ski Area's Association. It free and easy.

What’s the Ski VIP program?

It’s a complimentary program for newcomers to help make your first day on the slopes as welcoming and memorable as possible in Pennsylvania.

Just register online and you will be able to use our VIP Checklists to help get you ready for your next trip. We also want you to feel like you’ve already got a friend at the ready, to answer your questions and help fine tune your plans.

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