elk groupThere’s something for everyone this winter at PA Ski Resorts! That means it’s a great time to find affordable deals and programs tailored just for beginners.

Among the most common ways that people are introduced to skiing or snowboarding is through their friends and co-workers. Whether it's a vacation for a large group of friends, a corporate trip, or other event, there are few better ways to become closer than on the snow. Problem solving, laughs and shared knowledge makes this lighthearted day filled with lessons fly by.

Newcomers can win great prizes and fame in social media by sharing a photo of their first day on the slopes with the hashtag #firstdayfaces or #skipa. Stay in the know by becoming a VIP Ski Member on this website which is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Ski Area's Association. It free and easy.

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We are excited that you would like to begin a lifelong adventure of either skiing or snowboarding. Please use this site as a resource along your journey.
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