Snowboarding is often referred to as riding, so the Ski and Ride School is where you will sign up for and take lessons to learn to ski or snowboard.

Friends or family may offer to teach you but the best and most cost-effective way to learn a new sport is to take a lesson from a pro. You wouldn’t take sky-diving lessons from a friend or family member, would you?

Look for group lessons and special clinics for beginners. At some resorts, these classes are discounted (especially during January,Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month). Some resorts will even reward you with a season pass upon completion of a series of beginner lessons.

Group lessons are usually limited in size, with a set number of students per instructor.

Clinics are more like “special event” lessons, offered on certain days, with a unique emphasis or for a specific age group. They are often a good deal, so look for them online. There are clinics for beginners but they typically apply at more advanced levels.

Private lessons are often one student per instructor, although it is possible for siblings, a parent and child, or several friends to book a private lesson together.

Lessons are taught by instructors, coaches or pros certified by an accreditation body like PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America) or AASI (American Association of Snowboard Instructors). Tipping is not required, but a 10-20% gratuity can be considered as an appropriate way to thank your instructor.

Plan ahead and book your lesson before your arrive. Do this online or by calling the Ski and Ride School.

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